Parenting Tips on Effective Record Storage For Your Child’s Special Education Records

Does your child with autism have a massive amount of school records, and you are not sure what to do with them? Would you like a organized system, so that you can find important information at a moments notice? Then this article is for you; it will give you some parenting tips, on how to store your child’s special education records. Short and Long Term storage will be discussed.Before you are ready to store your child’s records here are a few things to do first:A. Get a complete copy of your child’s school record, from special education personnel, in your district. Put them in order, older records on the bottom, newer records on the top.B. Number each document with a pencil. Do not write on original documents, use post it notes. That way, they can be copied later if needed.C. Make a decision about how you want to keep the records; hanging files or in binders to put on a bookshelf.D. Write or type a index for each binder or hanging file. Put the numbers of the documents, and also what is in the files. Be very specific, so that you can find what you need. For Example: Document 6, psychological from 04-11-07 includes academic testing, psychological testing, good statements about Bobbie’s educational needs. Social worker report includes great information about Bobbie’s adaptive skills.Short Term Storage for current special educational records:1. Go to an office supply store and buy clear Top Loading sheet protectors. You can buy them by the box. Also purchase a snap locking large ring binder, for short term storage of records.2. Put each document in the protectors. This way they cannot be destroyed.3. Put the current documents in a snap locking large ring binder, older documents on the bottom, newer documents on the top. Add the index to the front of the binder. If your child has a lot of current school records, you may need to purchase more than one binder.Long Term Storage:1. Go to an office supply store and buy clear top loading sheet protectors.2. Also purchase Hanging storage binders or large 3 ring binders, whichever you have decided to use. If you choose 3 ring binders, make sure that the rings are large, so that they can fit more documents.3. Place the records in the clear top loading sheet protectors, older on the bottom, and newer on the top. Then put in the binders.4. Put an index in the beginning of each binder, and a date on each binder. You can separate the documents by years if you would like to.5. Place the records in the binders. For the hanging storage binders you can put those in a file cabinet. The 3 ring binders can be put on a book shelf.By knowing how to store your child’s school records, they will be organized and easy to find at a moments notice. Happy storing!

5 Tips to Consider in Choosing Toddler Educational Toys

The toddler years are the most fascinating stage of a child. They grow faster and acquire new things like a sponge. These toddlers are a proverbial thing of energy.Gone are the days of feeding your baby with mashed potatoes with an open mouth. You always see them running and galloping all around the house, poking into almost everything that they can get their hands on. They react to all the stimuli around them like they are ” little adults”. Toddlers are said “to have a mind of their own”. They now know how to define the things they prefer and they do not like. About the time that children learn to walk, they also learn to form their own opinions. At this magnificent toddler years, children can decide on things and this include the toys he or she can use during play.Educational toys can inspire children and give them the confidence that they need. These types of educational toys are the best choice to foster the learning and psychomotor skills of your children. Toddlers are very eager to explore and conquer all types of physical activities and their curiosity drives them to scrutinize things. The pleasure and intensity of learning that your kids can have during this tender years will greatly influence their perception towards learning and knowledge all throughout their lives until they become adults. Fun learning is possible and parents can see the benefits of the child’s life. Try checking into these 5 things to consider in choosing the toys they can spend their time with.Tip #1 : Learning Can be done with COLORSToddler educational toys can be introduced to your kids with vibrant and bright colors. Parents can even start introducing things and relate the name and the color for a stronger recall. Color recognition can be the one of the easiest way to enhance your kid’s mental skill and memory.Tip #2 : Learning Can be done with SHAPESParents must understand that toddler kids are more open to things which are new to them. Thus, parents can reinforce the learning of shapes and sizes during play.Parents can instill one-to-one correspondence and counting numbers through this manner. Choose the toys you will give your tot and foster learning especially in math.Tip #3: Learning Can be done with Gross Motor SkillsToddlers are developing their gross motor skills in a faster pace. The toddlers can now push, pullm walk, run and climb on things. These gross motor skills are essential for your kid to explore the outside world. You can introduce learning through educational toys which can safely foster the mastery of these said gross motor skills.Tip #4: Learning Can be done with Construction and PuzzlesToddler educational toys can foster the inquisitive ability of your toddlers. They want to explore things and discover new ideas. They can also achieve that sense of autonomy with the construction of puzzles and building their own constructions.Tip #5: Learning Can be done with LARGE PICTURESToddlers are easily attracted to toys which have very colorful printed materials. Thus, parents can use educational toys with bright printed books and materials daily. Some printed materials sometimes use sounds and fascinating audibles that can enhance your kid’s cognitive ability even to simple recall and recognition.