5 Things That Must Be on Your Resume

The first step to getting a job interview is having a stellar resume. Here are 5 things that must be on your resume if you want to get to the first step in landing a new job.

Contact Information

This is the most basic thing, but so many people do not get this right. You need to have your cell phone, email address and LinkedIn address. You also must include your town. This is important because employers want to see where you are located in relation to the job. You can leave your street address off if you do not feel comfortable having this information out on the web.

Dates of Employment

Hiring managers hate job hoppers and will look for gaps in your resume, so alleviate this concern by putting dates of employment in chronological order. If you have gaps in your employment, put what you were doing with a short bullet point.


Always put your education on your resume. If you have a 4-year college degree put Bachelor's degree. Do not just put the name of the college you attended. If you do not have a college degree and have had a few classes, put the name of the college attended and expected graduation date.


Make sure your resume does not look like you cut and pasted job descriptions under your employment. Set yourself apart by putting your work accomplishments in bullet format for each position.


This is something new, but very important, you must put keywords on your resume in order to be found by recruiters and hiring managers. Keywords are the words, titles and requirements of positions you are looking for. For example, if you are applying for a Sales Manager job and the company is requiring you have Sales Training experience for the job, add the keyword Sales Manager and Sales Training on your resume in as many places as possible.

Searching for your dream job can be over whelming and time consuming. One of the best tools for landing your dream job is to have your resume done correctly. It helps open doors to employers and recruiters. Follow our resume tips and get an edge in the job market. Looking for some help with putting your resume together, or need a resume rewrite, purchase a resume review and rewrite from Med Career News and have an experienced recruiter reach out to you today.